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GEOSYN Liquid Limit Device , manually operated and fitted with revolution counter for counting number of falls of the brass bowl on the rubber pad complete with grooving tools ASTM and Casagrande. The entire mechanical device is made of brass and is fixed on a rubber base. The grooving tools are also made of brass.


Permeability is the property of soil which permits flow of water through its interconnecting voids. It is an important engineering property which governs the rate of settlement of saturated compressible soil layers and the rate of flow of aquifer. Permeability depends on numerous factors and hence it is always considered more accurate to determine permeability by direc laboratory method using apparatus called Permeameter.

Falling Head Type Permeability Apparatus as shown in the illustration in page (1) Is used for testing remoulded or undisturbed fine grained soil having maximum particle size of 10mm.

The laboratory Permeability Apparatus Falling Head type consists of:-
Stand: with three glass tubes of 6mm , 10mm and 20mm dia. approx.
Metallic Mould: 100mm dia x 127.3mm high , 1000c.c. volume.
Extension Collar: 100mm dia x 60mm height.
Drainage Base Plate: with a recess for Porous Stone and an outlet valve.
Drainage Cap : with recess for Porous Stone and fitted with inlet valve and Air release valve.
Dummy Plate: to serve as false bottom during compaction.
Porous Stones: For drainage base and drainage cap.


The CBR test is used for determining the relative bearing ratio and expansion charecterstics under known surcharge weight of base, sub base & subgrade soils for the design of roads, pavements and runways.
SPECIFICATION : the aparatus consists of :
Load frame Load frame motorized capacity 50KN (5000kgf) having three rates of starins i.e. 1.25, 1.5, 2.5mm/minutes. it consists of a screw jack with detachable handle. The lower pattern moves up & down. The top braket is adjustable for vertical clearence and has an adaptor for connecting standard providing rings. A dial gauge mounting bracket is provided on one of the two pillers. suitable operation on 220volts, 50 hz, single phase AC supply.
* CBR Mould made of M.S. 150mm, I.D.X 175mm high with extension coller 150mm I.D. X 50mm high.
* Perforated bse plate for the above mentioned mould made of gunmetal.
* Penetration Piston having 50mm face dia.
* Adjustable bracket for Penetration Dial gauge.
* Circular metal spacer disc with detachable handle 148mm dia X 47.7mm high.
* Annular metal weight 2.5 kg, 147mm dia with 53mm dia. central hole.
* Slotted metal weight 2.5kg, 147mm dia with 53mm dia slot.
* Perforated plate 148mm dia. with adjustable stem and lock nut.
* Metal tripod made of C.I. for dial gauge.
* Cutting coller.
* Rammer 2.6kg X 310mm controlled fall.
* Rammer 4.89kg X 450mm controlled fall.
* Providing ring capacity 50 KN, fitted with dial gauge 25 mm travel, & 0.01mm least count with or without RTC calibration certificate.
* Dial gauge 25mm travel & 0.01mm least count.


GEOSYN portable RAPID MOISTURE METER is most popular in determining the moisture contents of soil, sand , various types of pastes, powders and mixes etc in-situ, within a very short time.

The instrument operates on the principle of a reagent being introduced to the free moisture in the sample to be tested. This forms a gas , the amount being dependent upon the amount of free moisture in contact with the reagent. By containing the resultant gas in a sealed chamber, it is possible to measure the created gas pressure. The gauge in the instrument is calibrated to interpret this pressure as the percentage in the sample on the wet weight basis.

The instrument contains : a) Aluminium Pressure Vessel with a detachable cup,U-clamp, Clamp screw and a gauge calibrated in percentage of moisture content on wet weight basis. b) A counter poised Balance, mounted on a base attached in the carrying case, and be swiveled into position when requiree. The balance armis pre-loaded to indicate level when correct weight (5gms.) sample is placed in the pan. c) A scoop for measuring the absorbent d) One Container of the absorbent. e) One cleaning brush f) Steel balls.


GEOSYN Triaxial Cells confirm to the requirements of IS:2720 (Part 11 & 12) and are made from corrosion resistant material. Stainless Steel plunger and bushing. The cell cylinder are made from acrylic plastic material and those for use upto 20 bar ( 20kg/cm.sqr.).

Each cell has four take-off positions, drilled in the base : Cell Pressure : Pore Water pressure : Drainage or back pressure Valves are of 'no volume change 'type.

Accessories : Sample size: 38mm Perspex loading : 1no. ; Plain Perspex disc: 2nos ; Porous stone: 2nos.;Sheath Stretcher: 1no. ; Rubber Sheath : 12nos. ; Drainage Tube (short) 1no. ; Drainage Tube (long) 1no.; 'O' Ring : 4nos. ; Pedestal metallic : 1no.


The Direct Shear Apparatus conforms to IS-2720 (Part 13). The apparatus consists of a square box divided into two halves. The specimen contained in a box, is subjected to a constant normal load while increasing horizontal force is applied to one of the sections of the shear box. The force causes a shear failure along the juncture between the box sections. The shear force and normal load are measured directly.

The rate of strain is adjusted by the speed of the horizontal force applied The loading unit has V-strips on which the shear box assembly rests. The precalibrated load yoke helps counter balance the loading system. The load yoke with direct and through level system for applying force upto 8kg/cm2 capacity, fixtures for proving ring, brackets for holding consolidation and strain dial gauges are provided.

The lead screw connected to the shear box housing helps application of shear stress. The apparatus consists of shear box assembly, shear box, plate gripper plate,perforated gripper plate, porous stone,top loading pad, base plate, shear box housing, weights, proving ring and dial gauges.


GEOSYN Vicat Needle Apparatus conforms to IS - 5513, for determining consistency and setting time of cement. The set comprises of one number each of vicat mould made of brass, glass base plate, consistency plunger and setting time needle initial and final.


An ideal heavy duty machine for testing compression strength of cement, concrete etc. Cube of any size upto 15cm X 15cm X 15cm and cylinder of 15cm dia X 30cm height can be accomodated in the machine.

This is a hand operated unit with 120 T capacity fitted with a tested and calibrated pressure gauge.

Compact and elegant model.


Geosyn Compression Testing Machine Capacity 100 Tons conforms to IS 516- 1959: The Compression Testing Machine is similar to hand operated model and is fitted with a motorized pumping unit .which is housed in an elegant console and is driven by Electric Motor suitable for 3 phase 440 volts A.C. supply. The pumping unit is connected to the jack by means of copper connecting tube which is capable of bearing high pressure. A junction box is suitably fixed to connect the motor to the mains through push button starter.

The Machine is fitted with hand wheel control which enables the rate of application of load to be varied. The Machine is equipped with facilities for hand pumping in case of power failure. The push button starter, load rate control wheel and pressure gauge 20cm. dia. is fixed on the front panel of the cabinet for easy operation.

The Electrical pumping unit is fitted with a micro-switch to switch off the motor automatically as the load on the machine approaches 100 Tons to protect the whole unit. Relays are also incorporated in the pumping unit so that in case of breakdown of power supply, the motor will stop and will not restart unless the start switch is operated.


The machine consists of a steel cross head and steel base with two solid pillars connecting the base and cross head firmly tightened by nuts. The hydraulic jack of 200Tons / 2000KN capacity is fixed to the base. The upper platen has got a self aligning action and is attached to a screw which passes through cross head and can be raised or lowered for initial clearence adjustment. The lower platen rests on the jack ram and is positioned with the help of centering pin. Loading is accomplished by the upward movement of the lower platen. A dust cover is provided on the jack to protect any dust from going into the cylinder. A set of two spacers with center locating pin is provided to test small specimens.

The upper and lower platen of the machine are hardened , ground and polished . Guidelines are marked on the lower platen to keep the specimen coaxial with the hydraulic jack.The motorised pumping unit which is housed in an elegant console of double plunger type and is driven by 3 phase 440 volts 50 Hz electric motor and provided with a push button starter. The pumping unit is a separate unit connected with high pressure copper tube to the jack.

The pumping unit is fitted with three 20cm.dia. .Pressure Gauge : 0-200T, 0-100T and 0-50T or 0-2000KN, 0-1000KN and 0-500KN.,placed at an angle on the pumping unit for easy readability. A maximum red pointer is provided to take the readings after failure of specimens. Electrical pumping unit is fitted with three micro switches for each pressure gauge, which switch off the motor automatically as the load on the machine approaches 50 Tons/ 500KN, 100 Tons / 1000KN and 200 Tons/2000KN respectively in case the isolating valves are not operated. Relays are also incorporated in the pumping unit so that in case of breakdown of power supply the motor will stop and the same will operate only if the starting switch is run.The machine is provided with a hand wheel to vary the rate of application and a hand pumping arrangement in case of power failure. The machine satisfies the essential requirement of IS 516 .


Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine is required for determining the resistance wear of small size coarse aggregates and crushed rock. The machine consists of a hollow cylinder, mounted on a sturdy frame on ball bearings. A detachable shelf which extends throughout the inside length of the drum catches the abrasive charge and does not allow it to fall on the cover.

The rotation of the drum is 30-33 r.p.m. and is driven by electrical motor suitable for 440V A.C., three phase supply with a heavy duty reduction gear. Tray for collection of materials and abrasive charges are provided with the machine.


Marshall Stability Apparatus is intended for measuring the resistance to plastic flow of cylindrical specimens of bituminous paving mixtures loaded on the lateral surfaces.

Marshall Apparatus Consists of :
1. MARSHALL LOAD FRAME MOTORISED, for 220/230V A.C, Single Phase ;
2. BREAKING HEAD STABILITY MOULD with Dial Gauge 0.01mm x 25mm travel;
3. COMPACTION MOULD with collar and base ;
5. COMPACTION RAMMER 4.5Kg.. X 457mm free fall ;
7. PROVING RING Cap. 25KN (2500kgf.)


Standard Bitumen Penetrometer automatic, complete with needle set of weights, bitumen container and pre-set timer.


GEOSYN Core Drill Machine is ideally suited for taking out core samples of concrete floors , bituminous surfaces of road, pavements etc.

GEOSYN Core Drill Machine is electrically operated by a 1 H.P.Motor, Crompton for 220/230V A.C. supply. Trolley is provided on request at an extra cost , for portability of the machine.

Suitable Water Container is also provided for supplying, water during drilling operation. The Machine is suitable to accommodate Diamond Core Drill upto 100mm. diameter for collecting core of maximum size of 100mm dia. x 100mm long.

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